A bank that doesn't take cash? Well's Fargo Bank - No Cash Policy

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A bank that doesn't take cash?  Well's Fargo Bank - No Cash Policy

A client went to deposit a payment in my account. But Wells Fargo Bank doesn't take cash!

So there I was... standin' in line at the bank

So I have been doing a little consulting lately and often times my clients are in other states.  We normally connect on Facebook over a common interest.  This fine day we were discussing the storm restoration and roofing industry and the most effective way to get leads.  I replied to the poster's question with the only true answer, door knocking.  After a short back and forth someone who was trolling the posts asked if I would come out to their neck of the woods and share some of my insight.  I am always happy to help out a fellow sales professional.  After a few PMs we struck a deal and we were making arrangements.

C6d9 Presidential Pic

  • Travel - check
  • Hotel - Check
  • Objective - Check
  • Payment.....Schedule - check

Wells Fargo Doesn't Accept Cash?


This is where the amazement happens... wait for it, wait for it

 So I accept most payments through the new Zelle option offered at most banks.  My bank is Wells Fargo and they are on the cutting edge of technology, they are at the top of their game, they even have ATMs that will give you cash with just your cell phone, BUT they do not accept cash from anyone but you!!

You don't accept cash?  At a bank? Aren't you in the cash business?


Well, (or Wells) it is true folks.  $3400 cash deposit denied.  Best in Service C6d9.co

I understand that there are risks involved when you handle cash commercially.  Hey, Well's Fargo don't you get paid to be an expert in taking the risk involved with cash?  Didn't you just recently get into trouble making bad policy?  Don't you already have a horrible reputation with the American consumer?  Did you ever consider... the client? 


Unlike my e-commerce site that thrives on our clients and their desires, you Wells Fargo will not be getting the "best in Service Award in 2018


Lifestyle earned.

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